15 07 22

2022, July. Daisies, a group show, curated by Paige Silveria.

After making massive waves in the New York art scene with her all-star lineup in the group show Daisies during the summer of 2019, Paige Silveria brought an international edition of the exhibition this summer, first to Paris and then Biarritz. The show includes works from over twenty artists of varied disciplines, including Quentin De Briey, Apo Broche, Larry Clark, Pierre Touré Cuq, Efron Danzig, Beatrice Domond, Thibaut Grevet, Jeanette Hayes, Sang Woo Kim, Julian Klincewicz, Zakarie Melloul, Terrence Mongo, Jasmine Monsegue, William Strobeck, Seven Strong, Melchior Terson, and Graham Wiebe. - Text from Numero Berlin.