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Thank you for your business

In the fifth edition of his ongoing book series "Thank you for your business", Quentin de Briey presents a collection of personal and editorial photographs taken in New York. The book features a mix of black and white and color photographs, showcasing images of skateboarders, portraits of friends, and editorials created for various magazines.

Photography: Quentin de Briey
Art direction & Editing: Léonard Vernhet
Graphic design: Paul Gacon

36 x 28 cm
196 pages with a dust jacket
Offset printing with Pantone Color
Lenza Top Recycling Pure 120 gsm
Thread sewn exposed spine with cold glue binding
Printed in Italy by Grafiche Veneziane in June 2023
First edition of 2000 copies including 150 limited edition copies
ISBN: 978-2-913893-80-1
© Yvon Lambert Editions

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